PokéNews (July 24): Pokémon GO / Pokémon Shuffle

Today’s Pokémon news: Lucky Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO, but also…

  • Pokémon Shuffle
  • LINE Camera
  • 2018 Pokémon North America International Championships
  • Eevee
  • Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?!

Pokémon GO

Yesterday, Pokémon GO received a new Software update, that brings it to Ver. 0.111.3 on Android and Ver. 1.81.3 on iOS. This update brings a major new feature (not live just yet) called Lucky Pokémon.

Sometime, when a Pokémon is traded, it can become sparkly Lucky Pokémon. Such Pokémon require less Stardust to power up, which means they can reach a higher CP much faster than other Pokémon. They’re also more likely to be strong opponents in battle.

Also, the Pokédex does keep track of Lucky Pokémon, so you can see which ones you already have and which ones you’re still missing. Interesting aspect of Lucky Pokémon: the longer a Pokémon stays inside storage, the higher its chance of becoming one when traded. However, it’s not exactly why, or how this process works.

To go along with this new feature, you can now receive XP for sending Gifts to friends (200 XP to be precise), and said Gifts now also have a chance of containing Stardust.

Here’s some pictures and a trailer for the feature:

Some more details about the update:

  • you can sort friends by Name, Friendship Level, and whether or not have they have a Gift for you;
  • you can now scroll through the list of Raid Battles if there’s more than 6 of them nearby. Also, the list now displays the time remaining for each one, without having to check the Gym yourself;
  • you can now search for Pokémon you received from a trade.

As always, you can find more details about the various updates for Pokémon GO on this page!

Source: Niantic / 4Gamer
Via: Serebii

Pokémon Shuffle

Today, the latest set of content for Pokémon Shuffle went live:

  • Ultra Challenge = Necrozma
  • Great Challenge = Alolan Sandslash, Carnivine, Azelf, Archeops, and Palossand
  • Daily Pokémon = Slurpuff (Winking), Audino (Winking), Togetic (Winking), Carbink (Winking), and Swirlix (Winking)
  • One Chance Per Day = Cosmoem
  • Special stage = Hoopa Unbound
  • Escalation Battle = Primarina
  • Pokémon Safari = Fletchling, Hoppip (Winking), Zigzagoon, Skiploom (Winking), Snorunt (Winking), Fletchinder, Linoone, Alolan Vulpix, Jumpluff (Winking), and Glalie (Winking)

Source: Serebii

LINE Camera

Heads up for users of the LINE Camera app: Pikachu and Eevee stamps are now available for use! Here’s some pictures:

Source: The Pokémon Company (Twitter)

2018 Pokémon North America International Championships

Here’s the full recording of the 2018 Pokémon North America International Championships Finals livestream:


Here’s the latest video for Eevee in Japan:

Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?!

Here’s the preview for the next episode of Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?!, airing this Sunday in Japan:




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