Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Mimikyu’s exclusive Z-Move revealed

Today, The Pokémon Company revealed a brand new trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It reveals Mimikyu’s exclusive Z-Move, that was previously discovered via the packaging of the Z-Ring toy.

Here’s the trailer:

The official website was also updated, with details and pictures for Mimikyu:

  • Category: Disguise Pokémon
  • Type: Ghost/Fairy
  • Height: 0’08”
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Ability: Disguise

There are many mysteries surrounding this Pokémon that lives its life always hidden beneath a rag. At a glance, it may seem unsettling, but at heart, Mimikyu is very lonely and loves being together with other Pokémon and people. It wanted to get closer to people, so it began to disguise itself as Pikachu when Pikachu became a big hit in the past.

Mimikyu is able to manipulate its rag so the cloth takes on the shape or design Mimikyu imagines. Plus, this cloth has a mysterious power: It will protect Mimikyu from an enemy attack, but just one time! Mimikyu absolutely hates it if you try to get a peek at what’s under its cloth. Stories say that a Trainer who happened to get a glimpse of what lies hidden died a horrible death, and what’s under that rag remains a mystery.

Mimikyu’s exclusive Z-Move is called Let’s Snuggle Forever, a Fairy-type Z-Move that can only be used if it knows Play Rough, and holds the Mimikium Z. It’s much more powerful than Twinkle Tackle, the “regular” Z-Move Mimikyu can use. With this move, Mimikyu envelops its target in its cloth, and then shows it some (rather tough) love!

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (3DS) comes out on November 17th, worldwide.



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