Pokémon news (May 14th) – Hoopa Unbound: details, trailer and screens for Hyperspace Fury; more

Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire

Yesterday, some leaks from CoroCoro magazine allowed us to learn that Hoopa Unbound’s signature move is called Hyperspace Fury. We also learned that to unlock Hoopa’s Unbound form, you need to get an item called “Prison Bottle”, that you get from a clerk in the PokéMart (but only after fulfilling certain conditions).

And today, The Pokémon Company has made an official announcement for Hoopa Unbound’s signature move, complete with the usual trailer (that you can find below, only in Japanese for now). Hyperspace Fury is a Dark-type move, and when Hoopa Unbound uses it, it sends its six arms and six rings flying.

That way, the opponents are completely surrounded, and Hoopa Unbound can attack them from all directions. It allows it to deal some serious damage, even if the opponent is using Protect or Detect.

The Pokémon Company also gave some details about the Prison Bottle: an item needed to “unlock” Hoopa’s Unbound form. You get it from a clerk at the Pokémon Mart, after hearing a rather mysterious and eerie story. Unfortunately, they didn’t tell what were the requirements to get the Prison Bottle from the Pokémon Mart clerk.

Here’s the (Japanese) trailer for the Hyperspace Fury move:

Here’s some screenshots:

Battle Competition

The next Battle Competition for Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire is starting soon (on May 22nd), which means it’s finally time to register for it (you have until May 21st to do so). A quick reminder about the rules of this competition:

– unevolved Pokémon only (they need to be able to evolve, though)
– all Pokémon are Lv. 5 (lowered if above that)
– Eviolite (item), Sonic Boom or Dragon Rage (moves) not usable

Source: Serebii / The Pokémon Company



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