Pokémon news (July 7th) – Pokkén Tournament documentary; videos for the latest movie

Pokkén Tournament

Today, NHK World (an international channel from the NHK) broadcast a documentary about Pokkén Tournament during its Imagine-nation segment. Obviously, it doesn’t include any announcements, but if you’re looking to learn more about how the game came about, you should definitely watch it. It includes interviews of Tsunekazu Ishihara (from The Pokémon Company), Katsuiro Harada (Producer of the Tekken series) and even Masaaki Hoshino (from Bandai-Namco).

The documentary also looks at the game itself, including the various gameplay elements (such as the Burst attacks for example), characters creation, and much more. It even includes a gameplay demonstration at the very end.

You can find the documentary on the website of NHK World (until July 14th).

Pokkén TournamentPokémon The Movie

This morning, The Pokémon Company uploaded several commercials for the latest Pokémon movie (Hoopa and the Clash of Ages): you will find them all below (after the break).

The first one shows various scenes from the movies:


The second one shows the Pokémon you can get thanks to the ticket (one among six possible Legendary Pokémon):


Here’s the rest of the commercials:



Thanks Serebii for the heads up!



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