Pokémon news (Dec. 12) – Volcanion revealed in CoroCoro magazine


CoroCoro magazine will be out in a few days in Japan, but as usual, some scans have already started to leak. Some of them show Volcanion, the 721th Pokémon (the final Mythical Pokémon of Generation VI), which is Water/Fire type. It will start in the latest Pokémon move, tentativelly called Pokémon The Movie XY & Z 2016, which will hit theatres on July 16 in Japan. Atsuhiro Tomioka is one again writing the scenario.

Here’s the scans from CoroCoro magazine, showing Volcanion:

Volcanion will most likely be officially revealed sometime next week!

Source: Serebii

Pokémon Picross

In the upcoming days, passwords for Pokémon Picross will be revealed in Japan:

  • Zygarde 10% Forme: password given at the Seven Spots in 7-Eleven stores across Japan from December 15th to January 31st
  • Ash-Greninja: password will be revealed during the December 20th episode of Pokémon no uchi atsumaru?
  • Mew: password will be revealed in Famitsu magazine on December 24th
  • Complete Forme Zygarde: password will be in next issue of CoroCoro magazine (on January 15th)

Pokémon distribution

In Japan, a new Pokémon distribution was announced, and will run from January 1st to January 31st (to tie-in with the Mega Campaign in Pokémon Centers). It will allow you to get the following Pokémon at Level 100 (and with their Mega Stone):

  • Audino
  • Lucario
  • Altaria
  • Slowbro
  • Sableye

You will be able to get one of each Pokémon during the following periods:

  • January 1st – 8th
  • January 9th – 15th
  • January 16th – 22nd
  • January 23rd – 29th
  • January 30th – 31st

Pokémon Style

Launched in February in Japan, Pokémon Style is a mobile application allowing fans to purchase wallpapers, icons, and more, in order to customise their mobile phone. Unfortunately, it will stop operating in a couple of months, on February 29th. The last set of content will be released on January 14th, and will remain purchasable until February 21st. After that, users will be able to download content until February 29th, when the app will be removed from Google Play and the App Store.

Battle competition

Finally, a notice for players of Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire: battles for the Festive Feud battle competition started yesterday, and will last until tomorrow!

Source: Serebii


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