Pokémon GO: Water Festival 2018 now live

Yesterday, the latest event for Pokémon GO went live: it’s the Water Festival 2018, that runs until June 21st (1PM PT / 4PM ET / 9PM BST / 10PM CEST / 5AM JST on June 22nd).

During this event, Water-type Pokémon such as Magikarp and Wailmer will appear more frequently in the wild. And who knows, you may even be able to find a Shiny Shellder: this is the very first time you can get it! But that’s not all: there’s also a new set of Field Research tasks for you to tackle, focusing on Water-type Pokémon.

Make sure to catch as many Water-type Pokémon as possible, because you can earn 3 times the usual amount of Stardust when catching them. And thanks to this event, you can get special 2km Eggs containing Totodile, Mudkip, Corphish, and other “exciting” Pokémon. Every Egg hatched will net you double Candy and Stardust!

Players looking for a callenge can also tackle Raid Battles featuring powerful Water-type Pokémon, including Kyogre (that you can even encounter in its Shiny form).

Finally, three new special boxes are available in the in-game store:

  • Special Box (480 Coins): 6 Incense, 2 Incubators, 3 Premium Raid Passes
  • Great Box (780 Coins): 4 Incubators, 8 Lucky Egg, 8 Premium Raid Pass, 6 Lure Moudle
  • Ultra Box (1 480 Coins): 12 Incense, 10 Super Incubators, 12 Premium Raid Pass, 18 Star Piece

Source: Niantic / Serebii


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