PlatinumGames: Atsushi Inaba talks about their games being “stylish”, taking on more work than traditional studios, more

Earlier this week, Game Informer published an interview with Atsushi Inaba, Head of Development and Producer at PlatinumGames. It’s not really about Nintendo, but it still makes for a really interesting read for anyone interested in this unique company.

Here’s the various topics tackled in that interview: PlatinumGames’ games being stylish, developing more games than other companies, what is at the core of all their games, their work on the Transformers game a few years ago, microtransactions, what they’ve been focusing on lately, their “indie” efforts, and more.

Here’s an excerpt about what makes PlatinumGames’ titles so unique:

Most of our games have really smooth interfaces. You can control the action without a lot of stress. The combos that you link together, they link together seamlessly in the right way and it just makes sense. But if I was really going to list one thing that ties those games together, that makes Platinum Games unique, it would have to be that every time we come up with a design idea, a game idea, it’s based on something original, new. It’s not copying some trend that we see and then adding a plus one to it, which a lot of developers you sometimes see do. It is us building up something new that people probably haven’t seen before from the ground up.

Click here to read the full interview!

Speaking of PlatinumGames, here’s various pictures of their annual End of Year party (you can read the blog post that goes with those by clicking here!):



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