P&D Super Mario Bros. Edition: demo out on April 22 in Japan, early distribution on April 16

Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition comes out on April 29th in Japan, and just like Europe and North America, it will get a demo there. The official release will take place on April 22nd (exactly one week before the full game comes out), but some players will be able to download it a few days early.

Dengeki Online has just announced a special distribution: they will give a download code for the demo to 10 000 players. If you have a Japanese Nintendo 3DS, you need to go on their website (see the link below). The deadline is April 15th, 23:59 (JST).

The demo itself requires roughly 100MB of free space on the SD card (around 800 blocks). Two courses are available in this trial version: easy and normal. You need to beat the easy course before you can try out the normal course. Also, you won’t be able to save, meaning there will be no data to transfer to the full version.

Here’s some screenshots for the demo version of Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition (the Plains level is the Easy course, the Cave level is the Normal one):

Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition (3DS) comes out on April 29th in Japan, May 8th in Europe and May 22nd in North America. In the West, the game will come in a bundle with Puzzle & Dragons Z. The Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition demo will be released on April 30th in North America, and “soon” in Europe.

Source: Dengeki Online



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