Paper Mario: Color Splash – Rescue V Episode 5 (Illusion!)

In order to promote Paper Mario: Color Splash, which comes out in less than three weeks in Europe, North America (with Japan the following week), Nintendo launched a video series a few weeks ago. Called Paper Mario: Color Splash – Rescue V, the videos are spoofs of super heroes TV series, such as Power Rangers. Rescue V is the name of a pretty real super hero team that appears in the game.

In the 5th episode, called Illusion! Showtime in the Green Woods, Rescue Green is… sleeping, and wakes up at the middle of video, completely confused and disoriented.

During his adventure, Mario will get to explore a rather mysterious forest, where a rather creepy circus tent can be found. It looks like there’s some sort of show going on inside, but since it involves one of the Koopalings, it’s certainly not good news for anyone but Bowser and his minions!

Here’s Paper Mario: Color Splash – Rescue V Episode 5: Illusion! Showtime in the Green Woods:

Paper Mario: Color Splash – Rescue V Episode 6: Grand Voyage! The Foggy Purple Sea is the next episode, and it will be uploaded soon.

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) comes out on October 7th in Europe and North America, and October 13th in Japan.



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