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NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time #42

This morning, Nintendo uploaded the 42nd episode of its webshow aimed at kids: NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time.

Neko Mario 42

Here’s the contents of NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time #42:

Yoshi’s Woolly World

In the segment, they showcased Yoshi’s Woolly World. They asked two questions:

– What is Poochy’s secret?
– What’s the name of that Yoshi?

Neko Senryuu – Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Next, they showcased some of the features of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer using haiku poems:

– you can use the touchscreen to easily re-arrange items in the room easily;
– in the game, you can also design gardens, chose the style of the house and more;
– in the game, you can design a lot of things (school, restaurant, concert hall, and so much more), not just house interiors;
– you can use amiibo cards to take on requests from specific animals, or invite them to hand out with you.

News Flash

First, they announced that Daigasso! Band Brothers P Debut is now available on the Nintendo eShop: click here for more details. Then, they announced that BoxBoy! was now on sale on the Nintendo eShop (in Japan), with 20% off the regular price!

Finally, the episode ended with the results of the Girls Mode 3:KiraKira Code contest results.

Here’s NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time #42:

Source: Nintendo


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