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[North America] Nintendo eShop line-up (Sept. 14): Quest of Dungeons / Kingdom: New Lands

Nintendo only sends its usual press release on Thursday, and so, the Nintendo eShop line-up below is not complete, and is actually missing quite a lot of things (including sales). It will be updated regularly, until the press release is out.

The Nintendo eShop will be updated at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT. Unless otherwise specified, retail releases are on Tuesday (third-party) / Friday (first-party).

Update 1: added 36 Fragments of Midnight (Nintendo Switch), screenshots for Robonauts (Nintendo Switch), added Guide the Ghost (Nintendo 3DS, upcoming release), Volgarr the Viking (Wii U, upcoming release), screenshots for Quest of Dungeons (Nintendo Switch)
Update 2: Pokémon Gold and Silver pre-purchase (Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console), Project Octopath Traveller demo (Nintendo Switch)
Update 3: added missing content.

Nintendo Switch

  • Kingdom: New Lands (Raw Fury): $14.99 [20] [requires 380MB] [web eShop page]
  • Pan-Pan A tiny big adventure (Circle Ent.): $5 [10] [web eShop page]
  • Semispheres (Vivid Helix): $9.99 [10] [requires 211MB] [web eShop page]
  • ACA NeoGeo Spin Master (Hamster): $7.99 [10] [web eShop page]
  • Robonauts (QubicGames): $14.99 (launch offer: $13.49, until September 29th) [20] [web eShop page]

Wii U

  • Earthlock: Festival of Magic (Snowcastle Games): $9.99 [10] [web eShop page]

Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

  • Pokémon Gold (Nintendo, GameBoy Color): $9.99 [10] [pre-purchase] [web eShop page]
  • Pokémon Silver (Nintendo, GameBoy Color): $9.99 [10] [pre-purchase] [web eShop page]

NB: buying this game allows you to get a Nintendo 3DS Theme and a Celebi. Check out this post for more details!

New Nintendo 3DS

  • Percy’s Predicament Deluxe (Maestro Interactive): $5.99 [10] [web eShop page]
  • Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition (Mojang): $29.99 [30] [web eShop page]


LEGO Worlds (WARNER BROS. PICTURES, Nintendo Switch)

  • Classic Space Pack ($3.99)

NBA 2K18 (Take-Two, Nintendo Switch)

  • NBA 2K18 Virtual Currency – 5,000 VC ($1.99)
  • NBA 2K18 Virtual Currency – 15,000 VC ($4.99)
  • NBA 2K18 Virtual Currency – 35,000 VC ($9.99)
  • NBA 2K18 Virtual Currency – 75,000 VC ($19.99)
  • NBA 2K18 Virtual Currency – 200,000 VC ($49.99)
  • NBA 2K18 Virtual Currency – 450,000 VC ($99.99)

LEGO Dimensions (WB Games, Wii U)

  • Powerpuff Girls Team Pack (Free)
  • Beetlejuice Fun Pack (Free)
  • Teen Titans Go! Team Pack (Free)


  • Project Octopath Traveler (Square-Enix, Nintendo Switch) [web eShop page]
  • Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth (Atlus, Nintendo 3DS) [web eShop page]

As usual, the complete list of demos available on Nintendo Switch can be found on this page!

Nintendo 3DS Themes

Click here!

Nintendo eShop Sales

As usual, you can find the complete list of games currently on sale on this page. It will be updated with this week’s new sales asap!

Upcoming Releases

September 21st

October 5th

No date

  • [Wii U] Tomeling in Trouble (Hullbreach Studios): Price TBC [web eShop page]
  • [Wii U] Volgarr the Viking (Crazy Viking Studios): Price TBC [web eShop page]

Source: Nintendo eShop / Nintendo / Nintendo PR


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