[North America] Kirby 25th Anniversary sale now live on the Nintendo eShop

Back in April (from April 27th to April 30th), Nintendo held a sale on the Nintendo eShop in Japan, in order to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Kirby series. The start of that sale coincided with the 25th Anniversary of the very first Kirby game, Kirby’s Dream Land, released on April 27th 1992.

When that sale was announced, many were wondering whether a similar sale would be held in North America and Europe, and the answer is yes!… for North America, at least. Just like in Japan, the start of the sale coincides with the release of Kirby’s Dream Land but in North America (August 1st, 1992).

Therefore, it’s safe to assume the European sale will start on August 3rd, the very day the game was released in Europe, 25 years ago… which conveniently happens to be the same day as the usual Nintendo eShop update day!

The North American (and most likely European) Kirby 25th Anniversary will be live until August 8th, so a full week (as opposed to just 4 days in Japan). Here’s the list of games on sale:

Nintendo 3DS

  • Kirby Triple Deluxe – $14.99 (instead of $19.99) [20 Gold Coins]
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot – $29.99 (instead of $39.99) [40 Gold Coins]
  • 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure – $5.24 (isntead of $6.99] [10 Gold Coins]
  • Kirby’s Dream Land – $2.99 (instead of $3.99)
  • Kirby’s Dream Land 2 – $2.99 (instead of $3.99)

Wii U

  • Kirby’s Return to Dream Land – $14.99 (instead of $19.99) [20 Gold Coins]
  • Kirby’s Adventure – $3.74 (instead of $4.99)
  • Kirby Super Star – $5.99 (instead of $7.99) [10 Gold Coins]
  • Kirby’s Dream Land – $5.99 (instead of $7.99) [10 Gold Coins]
  • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror – $5.24 (instead of $6.99) [10 Gold Coins]
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards – $7.49 (instead of $9.99) [10 Gold Coins]
  • Kirby Squeak Squad – $7.49 (instead of $9.99) [10 Gold Coins]

Also, some new My Nintendo rewards for the Kirby 25th Anniversary are now available: they will be listed on this page in a few minutes! The Nintendo eShop Sales page will also be updated with those new sales in a few minutes.

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