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Nintendo news (Oct. 27): Super Mario Odyssey / User Accounts and Save Data (Switch)

Today’s Nintendo news: Mario iMessage stickers, commercial, and merchandise for Super Mario Odyssey, but also…

  • User Accounts and Save Data (Nintendo Switch)
  • ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017

Super Mario Odyssey

Today, Nintendo released a new set of Super Mario stickers for iMessage. This new set is called 8-bit Super Mario Stickers, and it costs $1.99. You can get them from the App Store on iOS devices.

Here’s what those stickers look like:

Also, here’s pictures of various bits of Super Mario Odyssey merchandise, from Ichiban Kuji in Japan:

Speaking of Super Mario Odyssey, here’s the latest French commercial for it:

Finally, here’s the latest episode of the Play Nintendo Show, which happens to be about Mario’s latest adventure:

Source: Famitsu / App Store

User Accounts and Save Data (Nintendo Switch)

Last week, Nintendo released a major update for the Nintendo Switch, bringing its Firmware to Ver. 4.0.0. One of the main additions is the ability to transfer User Accounts and Save data. If you’re not quite sure how it all works, Nintendo uploaded tutorial video that explains precisely what you need to have and what you need to do.

Here’s the video:

ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017

Here’s some pictures and videos for the first ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017 tournament, that was held last week-end in Nagoya:

The next tournament will be on November 3rd, in Tokyo!

Source: Nintendo


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