Nintendo news (July 29): Miitopia / Hey! Pikmin / Ever Oasis Nintendo Minute / ARMS

Today’s Nintendo news: launch trailers for Miitopia, Ever Oasis, and Hey! Pikmin, but also…

  • Nintendo Minute
  • ARMS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Kirby’s Blowout Blast
  • Splatoon 2
  • Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

Miitopia / Hey! Pikmin

Here’s the launch trailers for Miitopia and Hey! Pikmin, both on Nintendo 3DS:

Nintendo Minute

Here’s the latest episode of Nintendo Minute, which isn’t about a specific game this time around!

Happy Friday, everyone! So many Nintendo games have really memorable music, so this week we are challenging ourselves with a game in which we listen to songs and try to guess which games they are from. You may be surprised at which songs we could (or couldn’t…) remember! Feel free to play along with us and see which songs you know, or let us know in the comments which Nintendo song you can’t get out of your head. Have a great weekend and we’ll be back next week!


–Kit & Krysta


According to Hobby Consolas, ARMS sold 12 867 units in Spain between launch and Week 28. A pretty satisfying debut for a brand ne IP, but it remains to be seen whether it will sell in the long run or not…

Here’s the latest TV Commercial for ARMS, in Japan:


Source: Hobby Consolas
Via: BrunoMB (NeoGAF)

Nintendo Switch

Here’s a pretty neat promotional video for the Nintendo Switch, which shows that you truly can play it anywhere you want:

Kirby’s Blowout Blast

Earlier this week, Nintendo uploaded the latest Tips & Tricks video for Kirby’s Blowout Blast. This one shows various tricks that will help you get a Platinum rank on those tricky EX Stages!

Splatoon 2

Here’s a video of Splatoon 2 at the San Diego Comic Con, which took place on the very week-end the game launched:


Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

Here’s the latest episode of Nintendo’s webshow, with Yoiko (the comedy duo Shinya Arino of Game Center CX is part of) playing Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition!


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