Nintendo news (July 2): Nintendo Switch price drop (Canada) / Splatoon 2

Today’s Nintendo news: Nintendo Switch price drop in Canada, but also…

  • Splatoon 2
  • Nintendo 2DS
  • ARMS
  • Super Mario Travel Goods
  • Nintendo Minute

Nintendo Switch price drop (Canada)

It’s now been well over a year since the Nintendo Switch was launched, and despite the console selling pretty well (above Nintendo’s expectations), there’s also a fair number of people hoping/expecting a price drop in the near future. And the thing is, there’s already been one… but only in Canada!

Last week, Nintendo of Canada dropped the price of the Nintendo Switch from $399.99 to $379.99. What’s really interesting about this price drop is that it was done without any prior warning. Also, the price only dropped by $20, which isn’t all that much. This basically implies a worldwide (or at least European and North American) price drop isn’t planned, at least not in the near future.

Source: Nintendo PR
Via: Ibabinz (Twitter) / BY2K (ResetEra)

Splatoon 2

Here’s some pictures of the 33rd Sanrio Characters Ranking ceremony, that was held last week in Japan:

And here’s a special announcement video from Off the Hook about the Splatoon 2 x Sanrio Characters collaboration, that culminated with the Inkling Girl appearance at the 33rd Sanrio Characters Ranking ceremony:

And finally, here’s pictures of even more Splatoon 2 t-shirts from Edit Mode in Japan:

Source: Nintendo / Squid Research Lab (Twitter)

Nintendo 2DS

Today, Nintendo announced that starting this Summer, the Nintendo 2DS Electric Blue pack would come with New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-loaded. It will cost $79.99 (MSRP), but it’s not clear when it will be released exactly.

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)


Today, the latest Party Crash event for ARMS was announced. It’s called Serpents, and it pits Min Min vs Kid Cobra! It takes place from July 6th to July 9th.

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)

Super Mario Travel Goods

Super Mario Odyssey is a game that’s all about traveling around the world, and so it’s no big surprise Nintendo would release a set of merchandise called Super Mario Travel Goods. It’s a set of travel-related merchandise: suitcase, cushions, eye mask, etc.

Here’s pictures for the various goods, releasing this Summer in Japan:

Source: 4Gamer

Nintendo Minute

Here’s the latest episode of Nintendo Minute, which isn’t about a particular game this week:

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