Nintendo Financials (May 2021): results, Conference Call, Q&A

Nintendo Financials – Results

Nintendo have shared their latest financial results, covering the Fiscal Year Ended December 31st 2020 (April 1st 2020 to March 31st 2021). You will find all the details on these pages:

  • Consolidated Financial Highlights, with consolidated operating results, the updated forecast for the current Fiscal Year, Nintendo comments, sales information (regional breakdown, digital sales), sales data and forecast, and more
  • Financial Results Explanatory Material, with lots of additional sales data, list of million-sellers this Fiscal Year, release planning, and more

Also, the following pages have also been updated:

Nintendo Financials – Conference Call

The presentation materials from the Conference Call are now available: you will find them on this page!

Nintendo Financials – Q&A

The transcript of the Q&A session is now available in English: click here to check it out! Here’s the list of questions:

Question 1: What are your assumptions behind the forecast of 25.50million units of hardware shipments for the current fiscal year (ending March 2022)? Also, if demand continues to be stronger than expected, will you be able to ship out more units than indicated in the current forecast? Or, do you believe that additionalsupply would be difficult due to factors like the current shortage in semiconductor supply?

Question 2: What is the current scale of active users on Nintendo Switch? Qualitative information would befine as well. I’d like to hear more about your stance regarding active users as part of the premise for your software sales forecasts.

Question 3: Overall software sales, not just limited to big titles, were strong in the fourth quarter of the last fiscal year. Hardware sales were also good, and digital sales were flat compared to the previous quarter (the third quarterof the last fiscal year), stayingat a very high level. Do you think this was affected by the resurgenceof COVID-19? It looks like people’s lives are getting back to normal in the United Statesand other countries. However, given these circumstances, what are the assumptions underlying the outlook for this fiscal year?

Question 4: In recent years, research and development (R&D)expenses have been on the rise. What’s the context for that? You’re anticipating R&D expenses of nearly 100 billionyen this fiscal year, but could you give a general idea of what kind of development that is for?

Question 5: What is your stance on shareholder returns? Given your current cash position, is there a possibility of a sharebuyback? Also, is there a possibility of a stock split?

Question 6: Looking at your financial forecast and comparing the plans for sales volume of Nintendo Switch hardware and software withtotal net sales, it seems that sales volume is expected to decrease by 10% or more year-on-year, while total net sales are expected todecrease by 9%. Why are total net sales expected to decline by a smaller margin than sales volume?

Question 7: How is Nintendo Switch demand trending by region? Also, why is the software sales plan for this fiscal year lower than actual sales for last fiscal year despite the strong demand for software?

Question 8: Regarding your efforts to expandnew users going forward, which groupsdo you feel Nintendo Switch has not yet fully managed to reach? Also, do you have an update on the spread of Nintendo Switch in China?



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