Nintendo Direct: new presentation tomorrow (Wii U / 3DS)

Looks like this year, Nintendo is going to be a bit more regular with its Nintendo Direct presentations (compared to 2014)! The company has just announced that a new one would be broadcast tomorrow.

Here’s the announcements:

This new presentation will be streamed on April 1st:

– Europe: 12AM (April 2nd)
– UK: 11PM
– North America (East): 6PM
– North America (West): 3PM
– Japan: 7AM (April 2nd)

And in case you’re wondering: Nintendo confirmed there wouldn’t be any mobile or NX news during those presentations, focusing on Wii U / 3DS games coming out by the end of Summer. The North American presentation will be followed by a Nintendo Treehouse Live livestream.

Nintendo DIrect 4.1.2015

Here’s the links for those Nintendo Direct presentations:

– Europe: Nintendo UK Twitch / official website
– North America: YouTube (to be added later) / official website
– Japan: official website / YouTube / NicoNico (to be added later)

We will have a separate post with streams for each region tomorrow!



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