Nintendo Developer Portal launched: unified, worldwide portal for developers

Previously, Nintendo had different programs for developers: indie developers, major publishers… but no more. Today, Nintendo merged everything into a single, worldwide portal. From now on, it doesn’t matter if you’re a budding indie developer looking to publish their very first video game ever, or if you’re an Activision developer working on the latest Call of Duty game: you will use the same portal… the  Nintendo Developer Portal!

This new Nintendo Developer Portal can be accessed by clicking here! Users from all around the world can register, including those living in Japan (a pretty big deal, as previously, the Indie Portal was not accessible for Japanese developers), and access to the portal is granted shortly afterwards. In other words, you will be able to start working on your games as soon as possible!

If you’re a developer, you can click on the link above for more details, and find out everything you need to know in order to publish games on Nintendo platforms (digitally or at retail). Once your registratino has been processed, you will get access to everything you need. That includes free access to the popular Unity Engine, all the necessary documentation, and much more.

Source: Nintendo Developer Portal



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