Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer sells over 260 000 units on launch week

Last week, Nintendo released the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer in Japan. It’s basically the Japanese equivalent of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System, but for the Famicom instead of the NES. The games included on the console are the same, with some exceptions.

And it looks like the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer is off to a great start in Japan. Famitsu just published a preliminary sales report (something they only do for major hardware launches), and revealed that the plug-n-play console sold over 260 000 units during its launch week in Japan (262 961 units to be precise).

Famitsu notes that the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer grabbed the attention of players who played the Famicom as kids. They expect an even stronger performance in the upcoming weeks, with the Christmas and New Year sales.

That’s a great debut for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer, especially since the console quickly sold out. But just like in North America (and Europe), Nintendo is planning to ship more units in the upcoming weeks. According to some retailers, the next shipment will arrive sometime in Early December.

Nintendo hasn’t shared any data for Europe and or North America, but we will most likely get a global announcement within the next couple of days or weeks. At the very least, we will get some data along with the latest financial results (for Q3 2016-17, in January 2017).

Source: Famitsu



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