Nintendo: CD Media to become the official distributor for Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans

NINTENDO_LOGOLast year, Nortec ended their relationship with Nintendo, which was pretty bad news for Nintendo fans in Greece. Indeed, that meant that Nintendo was left without a distributor not just in Greece, but also in Cyprus and the Balkans. And in the past few months, things have been rather tough for anyone looking to buy some Nintendo games in those countries.

But later this year, things should improve dramatically. Yesterday, Nintendo of Europe announced they had picked up CD Media as its official regional distributor for Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans (including Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia). This will be effective starting October 1st.

According to, this partnership with CD Media is the biggest investment ever for CD Media, who will provide direct official service for Nintendo products (not just distribution, but also customer service. However, that excludes Miitomo). As far as pricing goes, it doesn’t look like CD Media is going to do things differently from Nortec.

Their goal will be to make sure store shelves are filled with Nintendo products. In fact, they’re already in talks with several major retailers, including Plaisio (which had broken all relations with Nortec). Just like Nortec, they will have a strong focus on Limited Editions, which is pretty good news for players since Nintendo has been releasing more and more of them in the past couple of years.

Finally, we learn that players will also be able to shop on the Nintendo eShop, and use My Nintendo (which isn’t always a guarantee: both services remain unavailable in many countries). Unfortunately, there will not be any online store.

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