Nintendo and Universal to create theme park attractions based on Nintendo IPs

Did you ever dream of a Nintendo-themed Amusement Park, with attractions based on the various Nintendo games and characters? If your answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat! Nintendo and Universal Parks and Resorts have just announced that they have partnered, in order to create the world’s first-ever Theme Park Attractions based on Nintendo’s IPs!


Unfortunately, the press release doesn’t give many details about this collaboration, and therefore, we don’t know which games and characters will get their own attractions. Of course, we can expect major series such as Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda to be among the first IPs to get picked up.

According to the press release, the creative teams at Nintendo and Universal will collaborate to create the attractions, which will be found at the various Universale theme parks in Japan and the United States (even though we do not know which ones just yet)

Quite a while ago, Satoru Iwata explained during a meeting with investors that Nintendo was going to get much more “agressive” when it comes to the use of its IPs. This partnership with Universal Parks and Resorts is definitely a pretty big deal for the company!

Source: Nintendo PR


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