Ninja Shodown (Switch): launch trailer

Do you like ninjas? Do you like local multiplayer games? Then Ninja Shodown may well be the game for you!  Developed by Bitmap Bureau (the same people behind the upcoming 88Heroes, but also Super House of Dead Ninjas), it will be released on Nintendo Switch “shortly”.

This multiplayer arena-base combat game sees ninjas fight for themselves, in order to acquire the legendary Jade Katana. You can choose to fight on your own, like a true ninja, or instead team up with friends. But you need to be careful… only death and dishonour await the weak!

Here’s the key features of Ninja Shodown:

  • Intense local multiplayer action for one to four players, either competitively or co-operatively… you choose!
  • Six distinct game modes – Last Ninja, Battle, Coin, Crown, Arcade and Infinite – and five unique locations – Temple, Dojo, Downtown, Museum and Area 88 – each with their own gameplay features.
  • Use a range of deadly ninja (and not-so-ninja) weapons to destroy anyone who gets in your way!
  • Awesome stereo techno soundtrack by Matt Gray… feel the retro vibe!

And here’s the trailer for the game, made to look like one of those super cheesy 90’s commercials/promotional videos:

Ninja Shodown (Switch – eShop) comes out “soon” in Europe and North America. It has been added to the Upcoming Games page!

Source: Rising Star Games PR


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