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[Update] Nindies@Night: Kerbal Space Program announced for Wii U; trailer and details


This morning, Nintendo finally made public the trailer for Kerbal Space Program on Wii U, uploaded by mistake 24 hours early:

The press release sent after the Nindies@Night event confirms that players will be able to control their ship using the GamePad, as if they were inside the very cockpit. Using the touchscreen, you will be able to create flight plans, and the motion controls can be used to steer.


Nindies @ NightLater today (tomorrow morning for our readers from Europe), Nintendo will host the Nindies@Night event. Damon Baker (Nintendo of America’s Senior Marketing Manager of Publisher and Developer Relations) will be there, and will host a special presentation: fans can expect some announcements from it!

And it looks like one of the announcements has leaked ahead of the presentation, due to a simple mistake (the date and time the video is supposed to go live on YouTube). Indeed, a trailer for Kerbal Space Program for the Wii U was uploaded 24 hours early!

For those who don’t know, Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator, in which you have to manage a space program operated by Kerbals. You get to build and fly spacecrafts (with physics simulation), but also explore various planets and more.

Kerbal Space Program will come out on Wii U. This post will be updated when the trailer is back online!

Source: Nintendo


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