Next Up Hero coming to the Nintendo Switch early next year

Joe Tringali is the co-founder of 5TH Cell, known for their work on the Scribblenauts, Lock’s Quest and Drawn to Life. And Digital Continue is the company he founded, where he is working on Next Up Hero (the company’s first original game).

Next Up Hero is an arcade action-adventure, coming to the Nintendo Switch (and other consoles) in Early 2018. What’s so special about this game is that it’s driven by what the developers call “Community Continue”. Basically, players take turn fighting (and dying) in community game sessions. Their goal? Conquer impossibly hard monsters and bosses, together. One hero at a time!

Community is a central element of the game, and so it’s no wonder the game is actually being developed by community feedback. To be precise, fan feedback will be used to “improve characters, modes, weapons, attacks, and enemy types”. 

The press release mention the closed beta launch at RTX, and Steam Early Access, but neither are for the Nintendo Switch. Still, if you’re interested in this game, and would like to influence its development (or simply check out what it’s all about for yourself), those are things you should keep an eye on.

In Next Up Hero, you get to choose from 9 heroes, who various weapons and abilities to suit your playstyle. Weapons available in the game include “traditional” weapons such as swords, rocket launchers, boomerangs, but also more “exotic” weaponry like laser turrets, or… bongo drums (no, the game isn’t compatible with that particular accessory for the GameCube, no need to ask).

Wondering what the “Community Continue” thing mentioned above work? It’s pretty simple: when you die, you leave behind an Echo of your hero on the battlefield. After that, the next in the line of heroes will be able to ressurect that Echo as an AI battle companion. You take turns continuing friends’ games, until you have an entire army of Echoes to fight by your side: the only way for you to defeat monsters and bosses.

Oh, and get ready to die. A lot. Because, well, that’s what the game is all about!

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots for the game:

Next Up Hero (Switch – eShop) will be released in Early 2018. It has been added to the Upcoming Releases page! For more details about the game, make sure to check out the official website, too!

Source: Aspyr PR



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