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NES Mini: My Nintendo serial code also included in NA, Controller Extension Cable (third-party)

NES Mini – My Nintendo

Back when Nintendo announced the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer for Japan, we reported that the console would come with a “My Nintendo number ticket”. We assumed that this would be a code used to register the console on My Nintendo, and get some Gold Coins as a reward, and it looks like we were spot on.

But what we didn’t know was whether the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System (in Europe and North America) would also include that serial code, and the answer is… yes! Thanks to the Twitter account of the Nintendo Force magazine, we have the confirmation North American units will include a serial code. It’s probably safe to assume that European units will also come with one.

This is a pretty big deal, as right now, the only way to get coins in My Nintendo is to play Nintendo games / use Nintendo services, or buy games from the Nintendo eShop. There is currently no way to register physical products (games, consoles), though you can register serial codes to get coins.

Therefore, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System is the very first physical product you will be able to register on My Nintendo. We can definitely expect the Nintendo Switch and its games to come with serial codes for My Nintendo in the future, too.

NES Mini – Controller Extension Cable

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System is definitely a pretty neat device, but it has a major flaw: the cable of its controllers is quite short… way too short for the majority of users (though it’s not nearly as bad as the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer!).

There are two ways to deal with this little problem:

  • use a really long HDMI cable
  • use a controller extension cable

Naturally, since Nintendo isn’t selling any, third-party sellers are most definitely not going to wait before selling theirs. In fact, Insignia has already revealed one, that will be released on November 18th. It costs CA$9.99, and can be pre-ordered on BestBuy (Canada). It most definitely isn’t the first third-party seller with a controller extension cable for the NES Mini, and most definitely not the last one either!

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer comes out on November 10th in Japan.
The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System comes out on November 11th in Europe and North America.


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