NBA Playgrounds – Enhanced Edition: additional details

NBA Playgrounds was released back in March, last year, and it suffered from various issues (not to mention missing features on Nintendo Switch). Those were fixed via several updates, that also added additional content to the game. Unfortunately, none of them came to the Nintendo Switch, presumably due to the file size limits for updates (the first one for NBA Playgrounds was almost as big as the game itself!).

Fortunately, the developers found a rather interesting solution: instead of patching the original version of the game, they launched an enhanced edition, that includes all the additions, improvements, and bug fixes from the various updates released for the other versions.

Here’s some of the content included in this Enhance Edition:

  • over 100 new players from different eras (including Tim Duncan, Julius Erving, Steve Nash, and Manu Ginobili)
  • second team jerseys
  • a three-point contest mode with online play
  • revamped rebounding system
  • and more…

The best part? NBA Playgrounds – Enhanced Edition is available for free for players who bought the original version of the game (and forever: this isn’t a time limited offer). You don’t even have to keep that one on your console: the save data is automatically converted and playable in the new version, which means you can go and delete the non-Enhanced edition to save up some space on your console or microSD Card.

If you don’t already own the game, you can get it with a 50% off launch discount (9.99€ / $9.99) until January 18th.

Source: Saber Interactive


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