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[N-Direct] Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World revealed for the 3DS, out next year

Last year, Yoshi’s Woolly World was released on Wii U, and left a strong impressions on fans of the Yoshi series. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play it yet, and would rather do so on a handheld, you’re in luck! During yesterday’s Nintendo 3DS Direct, Nintendo revealed Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, for the Nintendo 3DS.

As you can imagine, this version of the game featured all the levels from the original, but also some additional content. To be more precise, we have the following:

  • exclusive levels were you get to play as Poochy. In those, your goal is to time his jump, in order to collect all the beads and Poochy pups on the way;
  • Poochy pups: little helpers who jump on suspcious spots, which helps you find hidden collectibles in the levels;
  • 30 animated short, produced by Dwarf (Japanese stop-motion animation studio).

Along with the game, Nintendo will release a special Yarn Poochy amiibo. That amiibo will also be included in two bundles:

  • Europe: game + Yarn Poochy amiibo
  • Japan: game + Yarn Poochy amiibo + Pink Yarn Yoshi amiibo

Here’s some screenshots for the game and the stop-motion short, along with pictures of the Yarn Poochy amiibo:

And finally, here’s the segment from the Nintendo 3DS Direct:

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World comes out on January 19th in Japan, and February 3rd in Europe and North America.

Source: 4Gamer.net


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