[N-Direct] Fire Emblem if: “My Castle” feature, overview video, website renewal, and more

Fire Emblem if was bound to show up during today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, and Nintendo certainly didn’t disappoint. The company revealed a brand new major feature: My Castle. Basically, it allows the player to create their own town, in which they will be able to walk around.

It all starts with your room (logically called “My Room”), and then a farm where you can grow crops in order to make food. Of course, you can build various buildings and shops (managed by the other characters), such as a weapon shop or an accessory shop. Those stores can be upgraded, which will result in better items being sold there.

Here’s some example of buildings you can create:

– weapon shop;
– accessory shop (where you can make equipment, but also get costume pieces);
– Restaurant: Felicia serves food there; Food can give you buffs, but also negative effects;
– Arena: you can fight other characters there;
– Lottery: you can win gear there;
– Bathhouse: you can increase your bond with the other characters there;
– Lilith’s Shrine: you can feed a creature called Lilith there. It can level up depending on what you give;

Also, it’s possible to invite other characters into your room, where you can deepen your bond with them. You do so by touching their head on the touchscreen, à la Pokémon Amie.

Next: StreetPass. By meeting other players via StreetPass, you will be able to visit their castles and go shop at their stores (which is useful if you want to get items not available in your version, or unique materials). You can also chose to fight other players in your castle (or theirs), with buildings being destroyed (obviously, it all goes back to normal after the fight). After that, you can recruit some of their characters.

Finally, there’s amiibo: all the Fire Emblem figures (Ike, Marth, Lucina and Robin) are compatible. You can bring them into your castle by scanning the amiibo, and then you can interact and battle with them.

Here’s the overview video for Fire Emblem if:


Here’s various screencaps from the new official website:

Fire Emblem if (3DS) comes out on June 25th in Japan, and next year in Europe and North America.

Source: Nintendo Direct
Via: Siliconera


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