Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.: additional details (UI, controls, more), screenshots

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.

Today, Capcom shared some additional details about Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch Ver., revealed last week during the stage show at the Monster Hunter Championship 2017 tournament. There’s nothing too exciting in there, but it’s still useful information!

One of the most noticeable changes is qite obviously the resolution, bumped from 240p to 1080p (docked, “only” 720p in handheld mode). This allows you to really see clearly the world, the characters, and more.

You can really enjoy all the efforts that went into this game, such as the animations of monsters, hunters, Felynes, and more. We’re still leagues below a native Nintendo Switch game, but the improvements are still quite striking.

Capcom also shares some details about the UI, which was optimised for a single-screen display. Elements such as the Hunting Art gauge or the icon for the Target Camera have been arranged in an “easy-to-understand” manner, in order to offer as comfortable a gameplay experience as possible. Naturally, you will be able to control the camera using the R stick.

Regarding key actions such as the activation of Hunting Art and the Target Camera, you can choose between three different set-ups:

Set-up 1

  • Target Camera: ZL
  • Hunting Art 1: Up (Direction buttons)
  • Hunting Art 2: Right (Direction buttons)
  • Hunting Art 3: Down (Direction buttons)

Set-up 2

Target Camera: Down (Direction buttons)
Hunting Art 1: R + A + B
Hunting Art 2: ZL
Hunting Art 3: ZR

Set-up 3

Target Camera: L stick (press)
Hunting Art 1: ZL + X
Hunting Art 2: ZL + A
Hunting Art 3: ZL + B

But that’s not all: various screens and menus were also improved and optimised for the Nintendo Switch, as you can see in the screenshots below.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. can be played in:

  • Local multiplayer: up to 4 players, Nintendo Switch only
  • Online multiplayer: up to 4 players, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS

And as mentioned last time, you can transfer save data:

  • from Monster Hunter XX (Nintendo 3DS) to Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.: requires an internet connection, works the other way around, no limitations;
  • from Monster Hunter Generations to Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.: requires an internet connection, transfer is one-way only (no transfer back)

Finally, here’s some screenshots:

But wait, there’s more! Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch Ver. was also getting a Limited Edition, which is the same as for the Nintendo 3DS version. Sold only on Capcom’s online store, It includes the following:

  • a physical copy of the game;
  • OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Mini Shoulder Bag
  • Creators Selection Soundtrack (5 tracks)
  • Production Note (artbook, 32 pages / A4)
  • Additional cover
  • Acryllic mascot figures

Finally, here’s some screencaps from the official website:

Source: Gamer / Famitsu

Monster Hunter XX

Here’s some screenshots for the latest batch of free DLC for Monster Hunter XX (on Nintendo 3DS):

Source: Gamer

Monster Hunter

Here’s the cover for the Monster Hunter Cross Soul 2 novel, released on Tuesday in Japan (price: 740 Yen):

And here’s pictures of what Capcom is bringing to the Tokyo Toys Show 2017:

Source: Famitsu (1 / 2)



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