Monster Hunter Stories: more details and pictures for the Daigo / MH Generations DLC

Yesterday, during the Monster Hunter Tokuban 2016 Autumn, Capcom announced that this week’s DLC for Monster Hunter Stories would feature Daigo (the famous singer, who’s a big fan of the series), but also Monster Hunter Generations. The new content is now available, and as usual, Capcom shared some details and screenshots for it.

Let’s start with the Daigo DLC, which includes:

  • new competition rules: DAIGO. With those, only Brute Wyvern monsters can participate. If you manage to win, you will get a ticket for a Production Quest. If you complete it, you will get the necessary material to create the DAI Sword (a Great Sword), which has a design inspired by Daigo’s gloves;
  • a special tournament (Rank: Silver): if you win it, you get a special armour that looks like Daigo’s outfit (only once);
  • a special background for your Rider card.

As for the Monster Hunter X / Generations DLC, it includes the following:

  • a special sub-Quest: MHX – Cross-fire (Rank: ★5). If you complete it, you will get a costume for Nabirou;
  • a special tournament: MHX – Cross Festa (Rank: Gold). If you win, you will get a special weapon based on the Glavenus (a Great Sword), but only the first time;
  • a special Otomon: Glavenus. It can use a powerfuly Cross attack as Kizuna Move;
  • a set of stamps for multiplayer chat (8 of them);
  • background for your Rider card.

In case you missed it yesterday, here’s some footage of this new DLC content for Monster Hunter Stories:

Source: Capcom


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