Monster Hunter Spring Festival announced, featuring MH Generations / Stories

Monster Hunter Spring FestivalYesterday, the last event of the Monster Hunter Festa 2016 took place in Japan. During the stage show, Capcom announced the Monster Hunter Spring Festival: a special event / tournament where two teams of celebrities will compete, and tackle a series of challenges in the following games:

  • Monster Hunter Sprits (Arcade)
  • Monster Hunter X / Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
  • Monster Hunter Stories (Nintendo 3DS)

The first “episode” of the Monster Hunter Spring Festival will go live on Thursday (March 31st). Here’s the list of people who will take part in it:

  • Bottom row (from left to right): Ayana Tsubaki, Shintaro Kojima (Producer), Satoshi Inoue, Tenka Hashimoto, Rio Uchida, Nodoka Sakura (Kamen Joshi), Tsukino Moa (Kamen Joshi)
  • Top row (from left to right): Junichi Mogi, MARCY (THE BAWDIES), Makoto Sakurai (Dragon Ash / ATOM ON SPHERE), Gor☆geous, Ikeda Chocolat, Miyahara “TOYIN” Ryota (SPECIAL OTHERS), Yagashita “DAYO” Takeshi (SPECIAL OTHERS), Jun Itahiroba (Golden Bomber), Ken Maeda (Slim Club)

Here’s the preview video (which shows that the event has been pre-recorded, and will not be live):

Head after the break for pictures of the last Monster Hunter Festa 2016 Event!

Monster Hunter Generations (3DS) comes out this Summer in Europe and North America.
Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out this year in Japan.

Source: / Capcom
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