Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: over 4 million units shipped worldwide


Capcom just announced that a free Nintendo 3DS Theme would available for download in Europe this Friday (11AM BT / 12PM CET), until October 30th (10.59AM BT / 11.59AM CET)! Unfortunately, we don’t know if Japan and/or North America will also get it.

Here’s a visual of the Nintendo 3DS Theme:


Monster Hunter 4 UltimateThis morning, Capcom sent a press release to announce that total shipments for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (known as Monster Hunter 4G in Japan) have reached 4 millions units worldwide (as of September 30th, 2015). Capcom was originally planning for 3.9 million units shipped by the end of the last Fiscal Year (which ended up on March 31st).

Capcom didn’t provide any rundown of sales for each territory, but we do know that over 1 million units were shipped in Europe and North America (this was announced back in April, so shipments are even higher now). Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was the very first game in the series to reach 1 million units shipped in the West.

In the press release, Capcom mentions the special events (such as the Monster Hunter Festa 15) and the regular add-on content releases as two reasons the series has been able to grow in Japan. But in North America and Europe, it was mostly online co-op, events + online communities, the special demo targeted at beginners and the simultaneous launch with the New Nintendo 3DS that benefited Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

What’s next for the Monster Hunter series? Well, there is Monster Hunter X out on November 28th in Japan, and Monster Hunter Stories next year (also in Japan), but Capcom hasn’t announced a localisation for either games. No doubt we should be hearing about that in the upcoming months!

Source: Capcom


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