Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: over 1m copies shipped in Europe and North America

Starting with the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, back in 2013, Capcom has been making big pushes for the Monster Hunter series in the West. Capcom also did a lot to promote Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, like a demo, various events, and more. And it looks like it’s finally paying off, as the company has announced this morning that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has shipped over 1 million units in Europe and North America!

That includes:

– all copies shipped to retailers
– all copies sold on the Nintendo eShop

Worldwide, the series has sold over 32 million units, but most of those come from Japan where the series has been a real phenomenom for a few years now (each entry generally selling over 4 million units, each time). But in the West, sales are much lower, even though the series is still quite popular and has quite the dedicates fanbase.

With Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Capcom has provided a game packed with content, but also playable online (a feature that was in high demand among western players). It’s one of the reasons the game has sold so well in the West, along with the regular free DLC, the demo for newcomers, regular community events and a strong online community, according to Cacpom.


In fact, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has done so well, it’s become the very first Monster Hunter game to reach 1 million units shipped in Europe and North America alone.

Finally, Capcom has announced that a free Nintendo 3DS theme would be released in May:

Source: Capcom



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