Minecraft: Better Together update delayed, more details, FAQ

The Better Together is a massive update for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Ver., that will unify the various versions of Minecraft on consoles, mobile, and Windows 10. Naturally, such an update is a pretty major endeavour, and it’s not going to happen without prio beta testing, which is why a beta test for the update was announced.

Unfortunately, that beta isn’t available on Nintendo Switch, but the article does provide additional details about the update, so keep reading!

First of all, it’s once again confirmed that you will receive the new version of Minecraft for free: no need to worry about paying anything again! But what we didn’t know is that you will be able to keep the “old” version of Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition.

Basically, you will have:

  • Minecraft: the new version, simply known as “Minecraft”
  • Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, that stays as it is (which implies you will be able to keep playing online and all, but you will not get further updates)

Here’s some of the new features and changes included in the Better Together update:

  • Stained Glass
  • Fireworks (with Elytra boost!)
  • Parrots
  • Banners
  • Armor stands
  • Jukebox and music discs
  • Recipe Book
  • Book and Quill
  • Ravines
  • COARSE DIRT – O to the M G
  • New world start options: Starting Map, Bonus Chest, Trust Players
  • New game rules: TNT Explodes, Natural Regeneration
  • Added ‘/tickingarea’ command to create areas that still update when no players are there
  • Player permissions
  • Zombie Villager spawn egg
  • In-game host options
  • New loading screens with funny and helpful tips
  • How to Play screen
  • Remix 3D and structure blocks
  • Split-screen (Console only)
  • World conversion
  • player limit has been increased on higher end devices
  • you can hold maps off-hand now
  • ice-blocks are transparent
  • you can change your skin from the pause menu
  • and more…

A FAQ was also posted on the official website, and provides some additional details about the update. For starters, it reveals that the update is now launching this Fall, instead of this Summer… and that’s only if the game is truly ready (which means it could be further delayed).

About the old version of Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, it will no longer be available for purchase once the Better Together update has launched. It will still be playable for those who do own it, but it will no longer receive updates. The same applies to Minecraft: Wii U Edition, though that one will remain available for purchase.

The FAQ confirms that the worlds created in Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will be transferable to the new version, but they’re still working on how this will work. There will be infinite worlds, too, with the game generating more world if you reach the edge of your old map (for those created in the “old” version of the game).

There will even be cloud saves, allowing you to access everything from literally any platforms getting the Better Together update!

As for DLC, existing DLC will also be transferable, though a select list of content will only be available on the platform it was purchased on, and not available in multiplayer. That will be the case of the platform-exclusive DLC (such as the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack), which will only be available on Nintendo Switch and not available in multiplayer (even when playing only with Nintendo Switch owners).

Another important aspect of the Better Together update: online multiplayer. You’re probably wondering if you’re going to pay for it or not. Well, the thing is… we don’t know yet! Nintendo is planning to launch its full Nintendo Switch Online service sometime next year, so online will remain free until then.

After that, it will depend on whether Nintendo choose to keep online for Minecraft free, or to require an active subscription. All we know is that Minecraft will follow the multiplayer policies for the platforms it’s on, so if Nintendo makes a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online mandatory for Minecraft, you will need to pay. If not, it will remain free.

Finally, a quick notes about servers: on Nintendo Switch, it will only be possible to connect to partner servers (due to restrictions on Nintendo’s side).

For more details about the Better Together update for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, make sure to check out the official FAQ!

Source: official website / official website



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