[GC2017] Metroid: Samus Returns – New Aeion ability, brand new sequence, Omega Metroid, “memories”

Today, Metroid: Samus Returns was showcased at gamescom 2017, with Yoshio Sakamoto and José Louis Marquez on stage. We got to see some brand new tidbits, including a new Aeion Ability, a brand new sequence not found in the original game, a new enemy called the Omega Metroid, and “Chozo Memories”.

First of all, here’s a recording of the main gameplay session, where we get to see the new Aeion Ability:

As you can see, this new Aeion Ability is called “Phase Drift”, which allows you to slow down time for a few moments. This allows you to roll on crumbling floor safely, or cross a room filled with flame-throwing enemies without getting burned.

After that, a short video clip was shown, showcasing a brand new sequence not found in the original. In that sequence, Samus has to escape from a mechanical boss, which is purchasing her. Looks like a pretty intense section!

Following that, another short clip was shown, showcasing an enemy called Omega Metroid. It’s a pretty tough enemy, and you will need to make use of your entire arsenal and set of abilities to defeat it.

Finally, during the presentation, Yoshio Sakamoto introduced a featured called “Chozo Memories”. By meeting certain criteria, you can unlock various documents, shedding some lights on the events of the games (such as what happened on SR388, the planet where Metroid: Samus Returns takes place). It’s separate from the concept-art gallery, unlocked exclusively via amiibo.

We’ll have more details about that a bit later, so stay tuned!

And here’s one last video recording, with more footage:

Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS) comes out on September 15th, worldwide.


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