Master Detective Archives: Rain Code – Latest details, videos, and pictures (Archives)

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is the latest game from the creator of Danganronpa (Kazutaka Kodaka), and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch on June 30th worldwide. And in the months leading to launch, Spike-Chunsoft are planning to share various details, videos, and pictures for the game.

In this post, you will find archives for all the posts shared between October 18th and March 30th! For the most recent updates, make sure to check out this post instead!

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all the videos in one place:

March 30th

Here’s a character profile for Fubuki Clockford (voiced by Xanthe Huynh in English, and Saori Onishi in Japanese):

The Time Leap Detective can rewind time & redo things. Maybe due to her princess-like status, she has a unique way of thinking & goes about at her own pace.

March 29th

Here’s a character profile for Pucci Lavmin (voiced by Lindsay Sheppard in English, and Yui Horie in Japanese):

The Audial Aptitude Detective can hear whispers, footsteps, and even heartbeats from afar. She has a calm demeanor, but shows intense emotions at times.

March 22nd

Here’s a character profile for Halara Nightmare (voiced by Amber Lee Connors in English, and Yui Ishikawa in Japanese):

The Postcognition Detective can see a crime scene as it existed when first discovered. Always cool under fire, Halara only believes in money.

March 16th

Here’s a character profile for Desuhiko Thunderbolt (voiced by Khoi Dao in English, and KENN in Japanese):

The Disguise Detective can mimic clothes, faces, voices, bodies and more. A ladies man with a goofball nature, his dream is to become a superstar detective.

March 14th

Here’s a character profile for Zilch Alexander (voiced by Y. Chang in English, and Tomokazu Seki in Japanese):

The Animal Investigation Detective can control animals. He tends to lead discussions for the sake of efficiency, at times giving off an impression of arrogance.

March 9th

Here’s a character profile for Zange Eraser (voiced by Kurt Bicknell in English, and Yousuke Akimoto in Japanese):

The Thoughtography Detective can transcribe his memories onto electronic devices. He never talks about his past, but his style of speech suggests ties to a government org.

March 7th

Here’s a character profile for Aphex Logan (voiced by Stephen Fu in English, and Shoutarou Morikubo in Japanese):

The Life Detection Detective can locate any living thing. Having lived a rough life in the slums, he tends to be rude and tries to solve problems with violence.

March 2nd

Here’s a character profile for Vivia Twilight (voiced by Aleks Le in English, and Yuichirou Umehara in Japanese):

The Spectral Projection Detective can pass through walls & objects, unseen. Often lying down in various places, like a fireplace, he can be self-indulgent.

February 13th

Spike-Chunsoft have shared a new illustration for the game, which is used as boxart for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. It was drawn by Rui Komatsuzaki, and shows some characters that haven’t been revealed yet!

December 22nd

Here’s another illustration of Shinigami (voiced by Anjali Kunapaneni in English and Sayumi Suzushiro in Japanese), drawn by Rui Komatsuzaki:

When she takes on her humanoid form, her crown goes from simple to fabulous!

December 20th

Here’s another illustration of Yuma Kokohead (the protagonist, voiced by Lucien Dodge in English and Katsumi Fukuhara in Japanese), drawn by Rui Komatsuzaki:

Yuma has the Book of Death with him. Hold on, does that mean SHE’s involved…?

November 1st

This week, we get some details about one of the gameplay features of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code… the Reasoning Death Matches!

Face off with Mystery Phantoms as you advance through the Mystery Labyrinth. Dodge their claims and slash through contradictions with the Solution Blade! They resemble in-game characters, but with a glam rock attitude…

October 27th

Spike-Chunsoft have shared some details about the aptly-named Mystery Labyrinth!

As the investigation progresses, a realm where mysteries materialize appears. These mysteries will attack you as you seek to uncover the truth. Inspired by sites around the world, the main stage transforms before your eyes!

October 25th

Today, we get a look at Kanai Ward, which is the city where the game takes place!

Kanai Ward, the city of unending rain, takes center stage. Many cases remain unsolved in this megacorporation-controlled metropolis. A new and unique design, it’s a multicultural center featuring several original elements!

October 18th

For starters, we have two characters profiles:

  • Yuma Kokohead (voiced by Katsuki Fukuhara in Japanese, and Lucien Dodge in English)

Protagonist who suffers from amnesia. He possesses a strong sense of justice & tries to help anyone in need. Fun fact: His irises look like keyholes!

  • Shinigami (voiced by Sayuki Suzushiro in Japanese, and Anjali Kunapaneni in English)

Death god contracted to haunt Yuma. She annoys Yuma with her mischievous antics, and feels no remorse in doing so. Her humanoid form has the gloomy yet glittery aura of a goddess of darkness!

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code (Switch) comes out on June 30th worldwide.

Source: Spike-Chunsoft


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