Mario vs. Donkey Kong: new details (new content and features), trailer, footage, and screenshots

Next month, Mario vs. Donkey Kong (a remake of the GameBoy Advance game) will launch on Nintendo Switch. And ahead of that release, Nintendo has shared some more details about the game, revealing that it will have new content and features. We also get a new trailer, more footage, and even some fresh screenshots!

First up, here’s a new trailer:

And that’s not all: there’s also some gameplay footage for you to check out!

Want to see more of the game in action? Here’s another video with even more footage:

This Nintendo Switch remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong features two brand new worlds:

  • Merry Mini-Land: an amusement park filled with fluffy flowers that blow wind. Riding that wind allows you to cross gaps filled with spikes, for example;
  • Slippery Summit: a mountain-themed world with a slippery floor that can be either a curse (causing you to fall down gaps) or a blessing (you can slide through small gaps).

In total, the game features over 130 stages.

Also, the remake features two difficulty levels that can be selected at any time from the stage select screen:

  • Classic Mode: same as the original
  • Casual Mode: stages have checkpoints, and the time limit has been removed. Perfect for players who aren’t too good at puzzle games (or simply want to take it easy!).

And for players who want to play with a friend or family member, Mario vs. Donkey Kong on Nintendo Switch offers a 2-player mode. You can share a Joy-Con with another player (who plays as Toad) and enjoy a special version of stages with two keys instead of one, forcing you to work together in order to open doors.

And that’s not all: bonus stages have also been renewed. If you reach the treasure chest after grabbing the fleeing key before the time runs out, you will be able to get your hands on lots of 1UP Mushrooms!

Finally, there’s a Time Attack challenge, unlocked when certain conditions are met. You can replay cleared stages in order to try and find the shortest route and clear it as quickly as possible. Try to beat the target time!

Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Switch) comes out on February 16th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo


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