Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam coming out on December 3rd in Japan

Mario & Luigi Paper JamRevealed during the Nintendo Digital Event in June, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is the latest entry in the Mario & Luigi series (the second one on Nintendo 3DS, after Mario & Luigi: Dream Team). In this one, characters from the Paper Mario universe somehow ends up in the world of Mario & Luigi, which causes quite a lot of (hilarious) trouble.

Unfortunately, since the game’s reveal back at E3, Nintendo hasn’t mentioned the game once. All we know is that it’s coming out in Spring 2016 in Europe and North America, and… December 3rd in Japan! The company hasn’t made any announcement (just yet), but its release planning was updated today, and it now shows that the game will come out in December 3rd (previously, it was listed as “Autumn 2015”).

MLPJNo doubt Nintendo will make an announcement about this game in the near future, hopefully with some additional details and/or footage!

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Bros.) (3DS) comes out on December 3rd in Japan, and in Spring 2016 in Europe and North America.



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