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Maintenance for the Nintendo eShop scheduled for tonight

Today, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS would be down for maintenance tonight, for two hours. Quite surprisingly, this downtime is taking place on Friday (Thursday evening for North America), instead of Monday/Tuesday. Unfortunately, we don’t know for what reasons, as Nintendo didn’t make any kind of announcement.

Hee’s the list of services impacted:

  • Wii U: Nintendo eShop
  • Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo eShop

The maintenance will take place on:

  • Europe: January 15th (1AM to 3AM)
  • UK: January 15th (12AM to 2AM)
  • North America (ET): January 14th (7PM to 9PM)
  • North America (ET): January 14th (4PM to 6PM)
  • Japan: January 15th (9AM to 11AM)

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