Loop8: Summer of Gods – Gameplay systems videos [Update: video #19]

In the months leading to the launch of Loop8: Summer of Gods, Marvelous are planning to share various videos for it. Those showcases the many gameplay systems of this “juvenile RPG”, releasing this June worldwide.

Here’s all the videos available as of writing:

May 23rd

The latest gameplay systems video is about Time Loops. If you ever want to undo something, like the disappearance of an ally, you can go back in time with a Time Loop by making a proposal at the terrace. A Time Loop sends you back to August 1st, but be careful: all relationship values and stats gains will be reset.

May 22nd

The latest gameplay systems video is about the Disappearance of Allies.

Loop8: Summer of Gods features perma-death: if an ally runs out of HP and falls in battle, they disappear for good, and will not reappear in the game after that. In other words, it’s crucial that you pay close attention to your allies’ HP during battle, though it’s entirely up to you whether to help them or not.

May 16th

The latest gameplay systems video is about Classes. Every day from 9AM, classes take place in the classrom. If you attend, your academic skills and social status will improve. However, if you’re late for class, the improvement won’t be as big, so make sure to be on time!

May 11th

The latest gameplay systems video is about Yomotsu Hirasaka. It’s a world located on the border between our world and the underworld. There, the player will find trials that will test the strengths of the characters’ bonds and their battle prowess, along with battles against the Kegai. Overcome the trials and take down the Kegai!

May 9th

The latest gameplay systems video is about Party Formation. By making suggestions to the other characters, you can form a party with up to 3 characters. Invite your favourite characters and get ready to take on the Kegai!

April 27th

The latest gameplay systems video is about Blessings. Those grant various bonuses, increasing your stats or the character emotional values. You can get them from the map, during events, in dungeons, and more. Make sure to explore every nook and cranny of the world and interact with all the townspeople you meet to collect all the Blessings.

April 25th

The latest gameplay systems video is about training. At certain locations on the map, you will be able to train and improve each of the 7 stats. It’s important that you train daily in order to prepare for the upcoming battles!

April 24th

The latest gameplay systems video is about character stats. Each character has 7 stats in total, and those influence their energy and stamina, their acquisition of combat actions, and even serve as triggers for certain events. It’s important that you raise those stats through training and blessings, in order to be prepared for your fight against the Kegai.

April 20th

The latest gameplay systems video is about Daily Life (again!). During those segments, every action requires a certain amount of energy and stamina. If you run out of either, you will not be able to do anything else during that day, so it’s important for you to take some time to rest, at home or at a restaurant for example.

April 18th

The latest gameplay video is about Daily Life. During those segments, time is always running, and you have until 3AM each day to do whatever you want to do. You’re free to spend your time however you want: you can train in preparation of the upcoming battles against the Kegai, interact with friends, etc.

April 13th

The latest gameplay system video is about the Time Left Until the End of Mankind.

With every passing day, the Kegai seep into your daily life. You have to find the host(s) before the Kegai hatch. Failure to do so will spell doom for mankind. There won’t be any second chance.

April 11th

The latest gameplay system video is about Demon Sight, and its uses in battle.

Demon Sight is a power Nini (the protagonist) possesses. In Battle, it allows him to get a good grasp on the situation, and find the way to victory:

  • Clairvoyance: allows you to check the effect of the Skills used by allies
  • Foresight: allows you to see the next action of your allies and the Kegai (enemies)

April 4th

The latest gameplay system video is about Battles and Human Relationships.

When battling the Kegai, the relationships you’ve built during the daily life segments greatly affects the outcome of battles. For example, if the relationships between the party members are good, then you will gain an advantage with allies providing active support (among other things). In other words, it’s not just the characters themselves that will be put to the test during battles, it’s also the relationships you’ve built.

March 27th

The latest gameplay system video is about Attack Attributes and Relationship Values.

When choosing your attack skills, you can choose among 3 attributes:

  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Dislike

Depending on the selected attributes and actions taken by the other characters, the relationship value of all participants will change. Those changes may not look all that significant at first, but they do add up, and will ultimate have an impact on relationships.

March 20th

The latest gameplay system video is about the battle system (and more precise, the basics). Battles against the Kegai are turn-based, with a maximum of three characters taking part in them. Only the main character, Nini, is controlled directly by the player. The remaining two characters are controlled by the Karel system, with their actions changing depending on their emotions and their relationships with the other characters.

March 14th

The latest gameplay system video is about Demon Sight. This handy power allows you not just to uncover the Kegai possessing ordinary people, but it also allows you to “see” the hearts of the other characters. You can use this power to find out which “suggestions” would work best with a given character, which is particularly useful if you’re trying to deepen your relationship with them!

March 7th

Depending on your relationship with them, the various characters will behave differently. You can go out of your way to get on well with all the characters, or instead focus only on a handful of them, allowing relationships to turn sour. It’s entirely up to you!

February 28th

You can “suggest” your feelings and desired actions to the other characters. Your relationship with the other characters will change depending on what you suggested, but also your relationship with the characters at the time, and where you made the suggestion. It’s up to you to find the most appropriate suggestion by taking into consideration the situation and the feelings of the other characters.

Next: Event Generation Commands. Some of your suggestions will trigger specific events. It’s your chance to take your favourite character on a date, or make some unforgettable memories of your Summer in Ashihara!

Loop8: Summer of Gods (Switch) comes out on June 1st in Japan, and June 6th in Europe and North America.


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