Level-5: concept-art for the new cross-media IP, commercial for Level-5 Vision 2016

During the Level-5 Vision 2016 conference, which is taking place next month, Level-5 will reveal a brand new cross-media IP (the 5th one). We have absolutely no details on that one, but during today’s livestream, Akihiro Hino did show two pieces of concept-art:

  • the first one shows a Game Center, somewhere in Japan;
  • the second one is a “picture” taken on the moon, which shows what seems to be the Earth (but with a strange energy ball at its core).

Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to make anything out of these two pieces of concept-art, so we will have to wait until the Level-5 Vision 2016 conference next month before getting proper details (like the platform it will be released on, or a release window).

Talking of that conference, Level-5 started airing a TV Commercial for it and the Fan Night event earlier today. Here it is:

But there’s more! There will be another livestream next month, on July 20th. During that one, Level-5 will reveal some additional details about the projects and games to be revealed during the Level-5 Vision 2016 conference, one week later (on July 27th). It will start one hour later than today’s livestream:

  • Europe: 2PM
  • UK: 1PM
  • North America (EST): 8AM
  • North America (PST): 5AM
  • Japan: 9PM

Source: Level-5 livestream
Via: GamesTalk



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