Kill la Kill -If-: new game modes revealed (Offline, Online), details about Gallery, anime soundtrack confirmed

Today, Arc System Works updated the official website of Kill la Kill -If-, providing us with more details about the game. This time around, some game modes are revealed, and details about the Gallery are shared.

Kill la Kill -If- – Battle

The game will offer just one offline battle mode:

  • Free VS: you can fight against a CPU or another player in this mode. You can set various handicap settings to adjust your damage output, select the CPU difficulty, and of course choose your favourite characters and stages!

But if you’re looking to play online, you will have the choice between the following:

  • Player Match: unranked battles against other players online. You can set handicap options, just like in Free VS. While waiting in the room, you can select various voice-acted dialogue lines.
  • Rank Match: ranked battles against other players online.

Kill la Kill -If- – Gallery

Just like so many other fighting (and non-fighting) games, Kill la Kill -If- will feature a Gallery Mode. There, you will be able to check out the following:

  • Anime: allows you to replay the 3D Anime parts from the Main Story
  • Replay: allows you to play your past battles. You can freely change the camera angle and position during the replay, allowing you to view the battle from a completely different perspective. You can also download the battle replays of the tap ranker’s battles
  • Sound Test: allows you to listen to the various music tracks. Some of them need to be unlocked using Gallery Points
  • Voice Library: allows you to listen to the voiced dialogue lines of all the characters. Also includes special messages from the voice actors for the fans. Some of the voiced lines need to be unlocked using Gallery Points
  • Digital figure: allows you to create your very own diorama. You can choose the 3D models, facial expressions, backgrounds, and even camera angles. You can recreate your favourite scenes from the anime, or make something completely original. Some of the poses and facial expressions need to be unlocked using Gallery Points.
  • Glossary: not familiar with something in the game (character, costume, etc.)? Then make sure to check out the Glossary!

About the soundtrack: one of the screenshots below confirms that the game will feature tracks from the anime series (composed by Hiroyuki Sawano). The following tracks are confirmed to be in the game:

  • 01 Before my body is dry
  • 02 goriLLA JaL
  • 03 Inu Ka 3L
  • 04 Blumenkranz
  • 06 Kiryuu G@ KiLL
  • 07 KILL 7la Kiru
  • 14 Kiryuu ha KiLL
  • 17 Kiru a KiLL
  • 03 Nichijou Gekijou-gata 3☆ Goku★Fuku

Right now, it’s not clear if the full soundtrack is included, but based on this incomplete tracklist, it’s pretty safe to assum not all tracks are included. Also, it looks like the game also includes original tracks (one of them is called “Serious”), most likely composed by a different composer.

Finally, here’s the latest set of screenshots for the game:

Kill la Kill -If- (Switch) comes out later this year worldwide.

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