JP News (March 9th): Culdcept Revolt remix album / LEGO City Undercover

Today’s Japanese news: a remix album for Culdcept Revolt, but also…

  • LEGO City Undercover
  • Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax
  • Mega Man – LINE stickers
  • Megami Meguri
  • Puzzle & Dragons X
  • Future Card Buddy Fight: Mezase! Buddy Champion!
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 with Power-up Kit

Culdcept Revolt

Yesterday, it was announced that a special album including remixed tracks from the Culdcept Revolt would be released on March 29th. The album is called Culdcept Revolt: Original Soundtrack – DynaMix -, and features 79 remixed track on 2 discs. It includes a bonus track: a remix of Revolt – Kibou e no Kekki -, the main theme, by Kenji Ito (the composer). The album will cost 3 400 Yen + taxes.

Here’s the cover of the album:

Culdcept Revolt (3DS) will be released this Summer in Europe and North America.

Source: Famitsu

LEGO City Undercover

Here’s the boxart for LEGO City Undercover on the Nintendo Switch, which will be released on June 29th in Japan:

The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Amazon

Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax

Here’s a second commercial for Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax, which comes out on April 20th on Nintendo 3DS:

Mega Man – LINE stickers

Today, Capcom released some stickers on LINE, they can be bought from the Store tab in the LINE app. There’s 24 stickers in that set, and it costs:

  • 100 coins
  • 240 Yen
  • 1.99€
  • £1.49
  • $1.99

Here’s what those stickers look like:

Here’s a video preview of some of the stickers:

Speaking of Mega Man, here’s the third video about the collaboration with Capcom Café:

Source: 4Gamer

Megami Meguri

Yesterday, Capcom announced that a second character song CD for Megamu Meguri would be released on April 19th in Japan (price: 1 200 Yen + taxes). This one is for Amenouzume (voiced by Mikoi Sasaki) and Toyota-mahime (voiced by Reina Ueda).

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Tsurezure ni…
  2. Yume no Nakamade Todokuyouni
  3. Tsurezure ni… -Instrumental-
  4. Yume no Nakamade Todokuyouni -Instrumental-
  5. Voice Track (Amenouzume & Toyota-mahime)

Source: Capcom

Puzzle & Dragons X

Here’s some screenshots for the latest free DLC quests for Puzzle & Dragons X:

Source: 4Gamer

Future Card Buddy Fight: Mezase! Buddy Champion!

Here’s some screenshots and some videos for Future Card Buddy Fight: Mezase! Buddy Champion!, releasing on March 16th on Nintendo 3DS:

Finally, here’s two more videos:

Source: Gamer

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 with Power-up Kit

Here’s some more screenshots for Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 with Power-up Kit, releasing on March 30th on Nintendo Switch:

Source: Gamer


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