Japan: more sales data for Week 49, more (Media Create, Dengeki)

Media Create – Week 49

Yesterday, Media Create released its weekly report for video game sales in Japan, providing us with more sales data for Week 49. During that week, Software sales topped 1 127 000 units, which is 78.41% of Week 48 sales: a noticeable drop quite obviously attributed to Final Fantasy XV, released last week.

The holiday period has now begun, and things are looking pretty good. Media Create reports that so far (November 3rd to second week of December), both Hardware and Software sales are up compared to the same period last year:

  • Software: 119.69% of last year’s sales
  • Hardware: 102.58% of last year’s sales

Source: Media Create

Media Create – Sell-through ratio for Day 1

Here’s the sell-through ratio for several games on Day 1:

  • [3DS] Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki (Level 5) – 40%
  • [3DS] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Heroes (Konami) – 10%

Via: hiska-kun

Dengeki – Week 49

First, here’s sales data for individual version of certain games:

  • Pokémon Sun – 96 711 units (1 231 295 units)
  • Pokémon Moon – 85 639 units (1 151 302 units)
  • Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi – 2 750 units (658 019 units)
  • Puzzle & Dragons X: Ryuu no Shou — 2 606 units (110 448 units)

Dengeki notes that, last year, it was the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS that drove sales during the end-of-year holiday period. This year, things are quite different, with the PS4 in the lead for both Software and Hardware:

  • PlayStation 4 Hardware: 45.7% market share
  • Nintendo 3DS Hardware: 42.7% market share
  • PlayStation 4 Software: 52.1% market share
  • Nintendo 3DS Software: 40.4%

That being said, with the two biggest weeks of the year yet to come, there’s no doubt the PlayStation 4 will not stay in the lead much longer.

Source: Dengeki



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