8BIT MUSIC POWER FINAL announced for the Famicom, releasing in March 2017

8BIT MUSIC POWER is a chiptune music album featuring compositions from various well-known (and less well-known) artists. It’s a bit special, because it was not released as a CD, but… as a Famicom cartridge, to be used on an actual Famicom.

Earlier this week, a second album was announced: 8BIT MUSIC POWER FINAL, to be released in March 2017 in Japan. It will feature a total of 18 tracks, which is more than the first 8BIT MUSIC POWER album, and will cost 5 378 Yen.

Here’s the tracklist for the album:

01. Bit Shift Girl【Sntrr】
02. Black Tokyo 【下田祐(Yu Shimoda)】
03. Mysterious Shrine 【ZUN】
05. Shooting Starlight 【Tappy】
08. Star Falsion 2 【中潟憲雄 (Norio Nakagata)】
09. KiraKira 【仲野順也(Junya Nakano)】
10. AI Bomb 8MP Edit 【naruto】
11. Red-White Planet 【hally】
12. MONKEY MONKEY 【Hige Driver】
13. Nostalgic Reverie 【古川元亮(Motoaki Furukawa)】
14. KS2?VirtualStage1【Bun】
15. I am seeing things 【松前真奈美(Manami Matsumae)】
16. fera giganto #1【山田一法(IPPO)】
17. Power of Music 【除村武志(Takeshi Yokemura)】
18. Believe It or Not!【渡部恭久(Yasuhisa Watanabe】

Also, a special accessory will be released: an 8-bit sound adapter, that you can plug in the expansion port of the Famicom, allowing you to plug in headphones, speakers, etc. directly to the console.

Here’s some pictures for the 8BIT MUSIC POWER FINAL and the 8-bit sound adapter:

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