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Japan: Famitsu sales for March 2019 (Software, Hardware, Publishers)

Famitsu have shared their monthly report on video game sales in Japan, this time covering March (to be more precise, the period going from February 25th to March 31st, so 5 weeks in total).

Let’s start with Software. March wasn’t really a great month for the Nintendo Switch, as there isn’t a single new game in the Top 5 (largely dominated by the PlayStation 4). In fact, there’s only just one Nintendo Switch game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which sold 107 095 units and came pretty close to the 3 million units milestone (2 992 376 units as of March 31st).

Sales were perfectly flat, with -3% compared to February, which is not too surprising: this is one game that’s going to sell on the long run. It managed to outsell several new entries in March, and will most likely do the same in April. Sales should be down during that month, though it will all depend on how strong Golden Week is and how much it can compensate for the slow weeks before it.

By the way, Famitsu mention that Splatoon 2 reached the 3 million units milestone in March, 21 months after launch in July 2017.

For April, Famitsu mention the following upcoming releases: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission (released last week), Langrisser I & II (on April 18th), and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (out on April 25th).

Here’s the Top 5 Software for March 2019 in Japan, courtesy of Famitsu:

01./00. [PS4] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice <ADV> (From Software) {2019.03.22} (¥7.600) – 194.860 / NEW
02./00. [PS4] Devil May Cry 5 # <ACT> (Capcom) {2019.03.08} (¥6.990) – 169.353 / NEW
03./03. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate # <FTG> (Nintendo) {2018.12.07} (¥7.200) – 107.095 / 2.992.376 (-3%)
04./00. [PS4] Super Robot Wars T # <SLG> (Bandai Namco Games) {2019.03.20} (¥8.600) – 90.978 / NEW
05./00. [PS4] Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 # <RPG> (Ubisoft) {2019.03.15} (¥8.400) – 89.011 / NEW

The Nintendo Switch gets only 1 spot in the Top 5, due to a lack of notable releases:

PS4 – 4
NSW – 1

Despite not releasing anything until the very end of the month (Yoshi’s Crafted World on March 29th), Nintendo managed to remain the most successful publisher in Japan, and by a wide margin. The company sold almost as many games as the publishers ranked #2 and #3 combined, and certainly would have if Yoshi’s Crafted World had been released at the beginning of the month.

Nintendo – 524.000
Bandai Namco Games – 308.000
Capcom – 245.000

March wasn’t the most exciting of months for the Nintendo Switch, yet its sales went up by nearly 60 000 units with 296 219 units sold (nearly 300 000 units). That’s over 100 000 units more than March last year, which is another sign of how much stronger sales have been this year… even though the line-up was quite lackluster.

The Nintendo Switch also came close to hitting its first million in 2019 during the first quarter of the year, with 969 223 units sold as of March 31st. Also, Famitsu report that it’s the 13th month in a row that the Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console in Japan. It will reach the 8 million units milestone sometime in April (it’s currently sitting at 7 858 769 units sold LTD).

Finally, the Nintendo 3DS also saw its sales increase with 26 894 units sold (+11 000 units compared to March 2018). Sales were nearly twice better during the same month last year (about 52 000 units). So far this year, the handheld has not even reached 100 000 units (86 500 units to be precise), even though it had already sold over 200 000 units by that time in 2018. As of March 2019, the Nintendo 3DS has sold 24 391 464 units LTD.

Source: Famitsu
Data compiled by Chris1964

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