Japan: boxarts for Fire Emblem if (Limited Edition), Ultimate NES Remix, more

Fire Emblem if

In Japan, Fire Emblem if will be sold in two versons: Black Night Kingdom and White Knight Kingdom. But there will also be a special edition, including:

– the two versions on the same cartridge
– the third scenario as DLC
– an artbook
– one card from the Fire Emblem 0 TCG

Here’s the boxart for this limited edition, which comes with an exclusive mousepad on Amazon.co.jp (as well as some stickers, but we don’t have a picture for those):

Fire Emblem if (3DS) comes out on June 25th in Japan, and next year in Europe and North America.

Source: Amazon.co.jp

Famicom Remix: Best Choice

Ultimate NES Remix came out last year in Europe and North America, but it won’t be launch in Japan before August 27th (where it will be known as Famicom Remix: Best Choice).

Here’s the Japanese boxart for the game:

Source: Amazon.co.jp

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure

Finally, here’s the download card for Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure:

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (3DS eShop) comes out on June 11th in Europe and North America.

Source: Japanese3DS



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