Media Create: Splatoon and amiibo virtually sold-out at launch in Japan

On Wednesday, Media Create revealed the sales data for Week 22 in Japan, allowing us to learn that Splatoon had sold 144 818 units at launch. Today, they published more data on their official website, including the sellthrough ratio for Splatoon and the amiibo.

Splatoon 1

Not only Splatoon was pretty popupar among Japanese players, it was virtually sold out at launch. According to Media Create, 97.33% of all units sent to retailers during the first four days were sold, which means the game was pretty much sold out everywhere. 97.33% is one of the highest sellthrough ratios ever recorded, and it’s even better than Pokémon Diamond (97.12%).

As for the Splatoon amiibo, over 106 000 units were sold during launch week, with a sellthrough ratio of over 90%. However, Media Create counts amiibo the following way:

– Inkling Boy / Girl / Squid: 1 unit each;
– Triple Pack: 3 units per pack.

Splatoon had a pretty satisfying launch, which exceeded Nintendo’s expectations. With such a high sellthrough ratio, it’s pretty clear that the game could have sold much more if Nintendo had shipped enough copies. What’s more, some stores are still experiencing shortages (but it seems readily available in most stores), which means that Splatoon remained popular during this week.

Source: Media Create



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