J.B. Harold Murder Club headed to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow in Japan, trailer

Update: here’s the trailer for J.B. Harold Murder Club, releasing tomorrow in Japan!

Also, the developers ask players to refrain from streaming or uploading videos of the last 20-25% of the game, in order to avoid spoilers. Make sure to keep that in mind if you’re ever planning to get the game!


In the past few days, several visual novels / adventure games have been announced for the Nintendo Switch, and it looks like there’s even more on the way. Today, Mebius announced that they would release J.B. Harold Murder Club on the console, next week (on August 10th, to be precise).

For those who never heard of it, J.B. Harold Murder Club is a classic adventure game originally developed by Riverhillsoft, and first released on the NEC PC-98 back in 1986. It was then ported to several other platforms, including the MSX, the Famicom, and even the Nintendo DS. And it looks like the Nintendo Switch is going to be the latest platform to get it!

Here’s what the game is all about (courtesy of Wikipedia):

A horrible murder has taken place in the sleepy little town of Liberty. Bill Robbins, a wealthy man known for his wild womanizing ways is the victim and, list of possible suspects keeps growing. As J.B. Harold you must figure out the who, what, where and why of the case. To solve the mystery you will need to travel to various locations, interview people and search for clues.The game is laid out over a grid map that displays various locations, though other than that, the game is mainly presented in the form of still photos.

As you can see thanks to the screenshots below, J.B. Harold Murder Club is a pretty classic adventure game. According to the press release, the game features over 30 characters. In the game, you have to keep track of all the suspect, while checking out the new facts that emerge as your investigation progresses.

Here’s what the story is all about:

The body of a man was discovered in a car parked at a parking lot located in the vicinity of the Howlinston College, in the suburbs of Liberty Town. The victim is Bill Robbins (aged 34). The cause of death? Bleeding caused by several stab wounds, that he received from behind with a sharp knife.

Why was Bill Robbins killed? Because of an affair (he was a well-known womaniser)? Money problems? Or something else? In order to find the truth, J. B. Harold will have to untangle the complex web of relationships that ties the various characters.

Here’s the main characters:

  • Bill Robbins
  • Janet Robbins (Bill Robbins’ wife)
  • Edward Robbins (Bill Robbin’s father)
  • Fred Robbins (Bill Robbin’s brother)
  • Catherine White (a detective from the Liberty Town Police Station. She knows and understands J.B. pretty well)
  • Chief Taylor (Chief Detective at the Liberty Town Police Station).

Finally, here’s some screenshots and artworks for the game:

J.B. Harold Murder Club (Switch – eShop) will be released on August 10th in Japan, where it will cost 864 Yen. Unfortunately, we don’t know if there will be a western release or not (the game was translated in English). The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

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