Ise Shima Mystery Annai: Itsuwari no Kuro Shinju (retro-style Mystery Adventure) announced for the 3DS (eShop)

If you’re a fan of adventure games, and more precisely old-school ones à la Famicom Tantei Club, then you’re definitely going to be interested in the game announced today by Famitsu magazine. Called Ise Shima Mystery: Itsuwari no Kuro Shinju (lit. Ise Island Mystery Guide: The Fake Black Pearl), it’s headed to the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo 3DS later this year. It’s published by Happymeal (no relation with McDonalds restaurants!).

Ise Shima Mystery Annai: Itsuwari no Kuro Shinju is described as a “Famicom inspired” authentic suspense adventure game, and it features chara-design by one Kiyokazu Arai (who previously worked on Itagaki Street, but also with Famitsu magazine). As you can see for yourself in the preview scan below, the game features old-school pixel graphics, just like an actual NES adventure game.

The game seems to be centered around the protagonist’s smartphone, which has its own command. You can use various apps on it, such as phone (well, yes, that’s a phone!), search, camera, and even games.

Here’s the preview page from Famitsu magazine:

And here’s the debut trailer along with a couple of screenshots:

By the way, Famitsu confirms that this game does not support stereoscopic 3D, and is entirely displayed in 2D only.

Ise Shima Mystery Annai: Itsuwari no Kuro Shinju (3DS – eShop) will be released before the end of the year. It’s already been added to the Upcoming Games page!

Source: Famitsu / Famitsu / Famitsu magazine
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